Dance To Your Own Tune

Sonia Says…..

As we come to the end of the year it is important that we live life with few regrets when we are in pursuit of our dreams. December provides us with the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the past year and review if life is going the way that we want it to. Are you on track as you strive to achieve all the goals that you had set for yourself at the beginning of the year? Or somehow have you found yourself directed by ego and limited behaviour heading in the wrong direction?

This is the time to change gears and decide if your life is how you want, or envisaged it! Can you say that everything is in place and heading where you want it to go in terms of personal relationships with friends, family and partner; professional and business aspirations; balanced health and well being?

On the barometer of life, are you living an inspired and abundant life or one of limitation and fear?

Give yourself permission to take time out of being busy and consciously connect to your Source. Be still and reflect on the many lessons that have come your way this year. Take time to celebrate and continue doing the things that worked well and bought you joy, bliss, peace of mind and numerous blessings.

Where things did not work well, there is no point coming to an emotional standstill wondering how you found yourself in this position and not doing anything to get out of the situation that you have found yourself in. It’s time to take stock of your circumstances and see what you can do to get back on track, to start living the life you want and have created for yourself. A life filled with positive interactions as you pursue your life’s purpose.

People have a way of coming into your life and somehow disrupting that peaceful equilibrium you thought you had built. Don’t take it personally, it’s their emotional garbage, just breathe and flow! On too many occasions we allow people to come into our life and dictate what they feel is important to us without thinking ‘is this what I really want to do?’

In reality, there are no shortcuts to achieving your hearts desire and if you want to be successful you have to define what success means to you and go after it firing on all ‘creative’ cylinders.

When you look in the mirror you know that many years have passed by but somehow you still feel the same and didn’t quite know where those years went. So if you stop looking at time and change as a resentful struggle and embrace its effortless beauty and flow, then you can get into the moment and take action to make things happen and live life with few regrets.

Understand that if we want a successful life change is inevitable. When you know what you really want out of life, you really have to decide what you need to do to make these things happen and do it! Are you prepared to change your attitude, behaviour and actions to keep on track or do you want to remain on the couch and watch the world go past, taking your dreams with them?

Make December matter.

Be inspired and start planning for the next chapter of your life as you create and live a blissful and empowered life.

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