85 inspiring ways to market your business

When deciding the theme for this months magazine it seemed appropriate to review a book that would be useful to new/small/ start-up business.

Even so, I was nervous about reviewing this book.

My own background is in marketing and I have read/seen hundreds of books on this topic. Most of the ‘100 ways to build a business..‘ …‘50 ways to make that sale…‘ type of books have been a dissappointment, being little more than lists of things to do, like ..‘get a website..‘…‘be nice to your customers..‘ with little substance and guidance as to just HOW you are supposed to go about actually doing those things suggested by the author.

I am pleased to be able to say that this book is different

There are, as it says, 85 ideas to market your small business. I could be picky and say that they aren’t all inspiring but they are all useful and practical, which is the point after all.

And the best part is that with every one of the 85 ideas there is the HOW TO part! For example, chosen at random, number 55 is “Using Compelling Direct Mail” and details:

1. What is Direct Mail
2. Why using DM is potentially beneficial
3. Tips on how to get the best results from DM
4. DM checklist

The single line summaries are great….a bit like the notice Bill Clinton was supposed to have at campaign HQ; “It’s the economy stupid”, and they really help you focus on why you are doing what you are doing!

There are books that you can buy that will detail all of the ins and outs of using Direct Mail to it’s best advantage but the two page introduction in this book covers all of the areas you need to consider if you are thinking about using direct mail.

And the same is true of the other chapters; clear suggestions clearly explained.

The 85 ideas are grouped into 17 chapters;
How to get started
Getting clear about where you are going
Understanding your marketplace
Understanding your customer
Creating solid foundations
Getting the price right
Developing your marketing message
Determining your marketing methods
Boosting business with existing customers
Attracting new customers
Profile building
Selling your services
Completing your marketing plan
Simple things that make a big difference
Creating a marketing system
Making it happen

Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t think of anything that isn’t broadly covered by these chapter headings and the inspiring ideas beneath them turn the broad idea into practical steps that can be implemented in pretty much any business.

The book can be read through in a single go, but it is probably better to dip in and out – as a kickstart to suggest areas that you should consider when you start to market your small business and give valuable guidance to those looking to improve existing marketing strategies.

Not only am I happy to recommend the book, as I have already done to a number of friends, I will be using it myself!

I have always wanted to get a book published, one that would help and inspire others and enable us reach and help a larger audience than we are able to reach through our individual or group mentoring. I also wanted to capture the moment and get down on paper all the ideas, knowledge I had at that time.

My mission is to inspire other business owners to achieve the best results they possibly can from their marketing and sales activity and to make it easier for small business owners to attract the clients and customers they want. I wrote this book to reflect this mission. I also wanted to have a book that we could give all our clients to support the work we are doing with them through our Sales and Marketing Consultancy, Marketingco, and a book that we could have available for participants at all our seminars and events. We know this adds some substance to our proposition and enables our clients to have the back up of us beside them ( in the form of a book when we are not there!) whenever they need to drip in or dip out or remind themselves of something they have forgotten.

I started our consultancy business Marketingco 5 years ago as a result of seeing a demand in the market place for sales and marketing support for the SME business owner or director who is responsible for driving it themselves and needs to know how to do it effectively. Marketingco tend to work with businesses from start ups with some funding to invest in getting it right to those with up to £3 million turnover. Working with many with small business owners I saw that so many struggled with getting an easy flow of new clients and customers into their business. Everyone wants more of the right customers and knows that being good at getting them is vital to their success. Many found that they were inundated with marketing options, overwhelmed with details they didn’t have time to understand and couldn’t afford a dedicated marketing manager or to use an outsourced agency. As a result they often made knee jerk decisions and didn’t have a plan which meant vital funds were being wasted on activities that didn’t work very well.

I think it can be hard when you start your own business and you find yourself suddenly thrust into a position when you really do need to be multi- skilled to survive and grow. If you have come from the corporate world where you have departments to handle specialist areas like IT, HR and sales it is a rude awakening when you realise it is all down to you. You have to know what you need even when you do not have the expertise to know how to do it.

85 inspiring ways to Market your small business was written to help anyone who finds themselves in this position. Our methodology which is outlined in both the book and in our consultancy and mentoring process, combines the thinking vital to succeed with any sales and marketing strategy with a strong focus on actually taking action and measuring results. Think – Action – Results, one doesn’t work without the other. Many small business owners simply took action without thinking and got it wrong or thought endlessly without taking action and then some did both but still didn’t know what worked and got results.

It was great finally seeing this book in print when the first edition was published 2 years ago. It is exciting seeing that sales have been good and that there has been the demand for a second edition. We have had a lot of positive feedback from everyone who has read the book and are really pleased that we made this happen and can continue to help more people with our ideas that we know really will help readers to attract more clients and customers. If this is what you want take action and order your copy right now!

Take Action … it works..
warm regards Jackie

Here are some testimonials from other people who have read the book:
“I have personally read ’85 inspiring ways to market your small business’ and recommended it to many of our small business banking customers. This book is absolutely ideal for the small business owner no matter what stage they are in their business development. Sales and Marketing is one of the biggest areas of weakness that we see when reviewing our client’s financial progress. They all need a flow of the right type of customers and need to be able to sell their services well. Many lack expertise and skill in sales and marketing and need help.

This book should be every SME business owner’s bible. It is easy to read and the information is presented in a clear and structured way. The book is full of excellent questions that really stimulate the application of the ideas personally. All the tips are practical and easy to implement. I know that if our clients actioned a small percentage of the ideas in this book that they would make a lot more money. It is our aim to help them to do that in what ever way we can, so we will continue to recommend this book to our small business clients. ”
Julie Phillips Barclays Bank Business Manager

“This book is brilliant – I am always referring to it and many of the ideas have helped me to attract more clients”
Nicki Kempston In2HR

“This book is really easy to dip into and find the advice I need. It has helped me to think more clearly and feel more confident about my marketing. It makes the principles selling and marketing approachable and relevant to the realities of running your own business. Thanks for the inspiration!”
Jason Hobbins, Energy My Way



This book is for the many people who run their own small to medium-sized business and who want to make it grow. The book sets out to be your own, pocket, marketing consultant – without the expense. Not only does it offer some great ideas but it explains how each idea will benefit your business, what you need to do to make it work, and how you can apply it to your own business immediately. Through a series of special response questions it cleverly gets across marketing ideas in combination with the vital thinking behind their application.

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