The Theory of Everything

Physics is in the business of modelling reality.

General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and currently, String Theory have all unsuccessfully tried to produce an overarching model of our objective reality. In the physics community, these one-theory-explains-all reality models are called “Theories Of Everything” or TOEs.

I believe everyone has their own big TOE (Theory of Everything).

Your own Big TOE is defined by how you process the information that makes up your reality. Each of us has a unique accumulation of information and understanding that creates a very personal filter. This filter confines one’s reality to a personal interpretation of what is perceived – a reality limited by our beliefs, fears, and personal experience database .

For example, if you grew up and never left your hometown, the context with which you would interpret and understand the information in your life would be very different from someone who had travelled the world and interacted with many different cultures. The perspectives, interests, and understandings of two such individuals would be very different, leading to different values, belief systems, and world views. Each would live within a different personal reality.

Your Physical Matter Reality (or PMR) is the reality you think you are in now – the physical universe. The Non-Physical Matter Reality (or NPMR) is defined as all reality that is not PMR (for example a dream reality). To make rational sense out of (and to be able to communicate) your personal Non Physical Matter Reality experience, you turn that experience into metaphors and symbols that have specific meaning to you (i.e. they relate to your experience database).

So, much of what you see, hear, smell, feel and taste while in NPMR is created by yourself as the closest pattern match you can make, to bridge between what you experience and what is in your personal experiential database.

To illustrate these varying realities let’s think about the bacterium in the small intestines. If you were such a bacterium your world would not know what a tree is, or a mountain, or sunsets. Its information set would be based on the environment within the intestines. Does that mean our reality does not exist? Of course not, but for the bacterium it does not. If the bacterium could have travelled outside the intestines and the body to experience our environment it would know that larger realities exist. If we could travel outside the reality of our dimension we would know that larger realities exist. So ask yourself, “Is it possible to travel beyond this reality?” I believe it is and each of us is capable.

For me, one of the most important concepts is that there are many, many realities. Some are very limited (like the bacterium), others far exceed ours. In the scope of realities I believe we are probably at a preschool or kindergarten level. I think it’s exciting to imagine what is still out there waiting to be discovered and experienced!

The more you probe, explore, make connections, and gain understanding, the greater and more capable your personal experiential database becomes in its ability to interpret NPMR experience with a minimum of distortion. This is exactly why it’s worth taking time to learn about larger realities and expanding consciousness. As your awareness expands more choices become available to you. And with a larger array of choices and less rigidity doors begin to open giving you a larger perspective on life.

So, where or how do you start to develop the skills to travel outside your current reality? Start by questioning. Question everything and everyone. Remain both open minded, and sceptical. Begin to empower yourself to make choices…your own choices. Work to strengthen your five basic senses. In our modern world we have muted our senses as a way to cope. Focus on seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and communicating while being present in the moment. As you re-sensitize your basic senses you also heighten your higher senses. Then focus on seeing beyond your eyes, hear beyond your ears, feel from your open heart, etc. Learn to quiet your mind. Learn to set your intention, focus your attention, and allow yourself to travel without fear.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is although you must work through a whole volume of possible fears and beliefs which can restrict your efforts. It is your own beliefs that are the “work” to travelling outside this dimension. As you open and allow your true Self to express itself, you can set your expanded itinerary and travel into wondrous experiences of higher learning, returning “home” with a broader knowledge base from which to make choices. The benefit of this is an expanded definition of love and greater understanding of both yourself and the larger reality of which you are a part.

We often talk of NPMR as a “place” with dimension where we have bodies and use our physical senses to describe what we see, hear, etc. Of course that is all oxymoronic – you don’t have a body or physical senses in NPMR, but we speak that way and use additional metaphors (like “the mind’s eye” or “Out Of Body Experience”) to cover the inconsistencies that such assumptions generate. This language enables us to communicate with others not aware of the NPMR.

We try to assign PMR fundamentals to the experience – this is of course a complete fiction but far more understandable than the truth. So, for example, how does this view of reality see chakras, out of body experiences and astral travelling?

Chakras, are only metaphors and not fundamental. The beams of intense white light that light-workers use to heal are tools/metaphors. Light is a metaphor. Energy is a metaphor. The various energy bodies (auras) we see around people are metaphors for the data we receive about those people – data that answers our intent when we connect with people at a level deeper than the physical.

The data is real, while what we describe to others is our subjective interpretation of the data. That interpretation must necessarily be expressed in terms of our personal experience data and our personal beliefs. People travel through tunnels or go through doors or fly about in NPMR because they believe that you have to move to go somewhere. In NPMR there is no space, thus no distance. Space and distance are PMR concepts.

Early astral travellers were connected to their bodies by silver cords because they believed the physical body was fundamental and the astral body was derivative. People have to sit up or roll or do something physical to get Out of Body when only a shift of perspective is necessary because they believe you have to do something physical before anything can happen.

People talk to (interact with) their dead relatives who appear in familiar looking bodies wearing typical clothes because that is more natural, comfortable and believable than interacting with data. Ever wonder why all those non physical entities are humanoid in form (if they are good guys) and are wearing PMR clothes of the proper historical period – have you noticed that robes are always in style for strangers in NPMR. All is nothing but data moving back and forth and we dress it up in human PMR form and function from our past experience because that is what we are used to, that is what we believe and the way we think – so that is the way we interpret the data.

In NPMR we don’t see, we interpret what we experience (the content of the data) in terms of physical sense data because that is our habit – the only way we know how to express/communicate information.

Being sceptical, having no expectations, and not having any biases or beliefs is critical to getting a good pattern match metaphor that captures the essence of the NPMR experience.

Mostly NPMR experience is relationship centred (about interaction with others) as opposed observing the set. PMRs have sets (a stage and props) while NPMR mostly has just actors, thoughts, and ideas (data).

Many people believe that operating in the non physical must be similar to operating in the physical. Either you can do it, or you are as bogus as a 3 dollar bill. There are real physical and mental issues of attaining and maintaining precise altered states – and even more difficult: remaining perfectly detached. No doubt these conditions can be exceedingly difficult to consistently achieve on demand. But that is not what I am talking about here. These individual problems are in addition to issues that are fundamental to the nature of Consciousness.

The process of perception is the same in all reality frames (objective source with a subjective interpretation) but the mechanics in PMR and NPMR are very different.
One might ask: If our Physical world is really subjective why does it appear to be objective – the same to everyone?
Answer: Because we all have nearly identical physiology (sensors). And, to a lesser extent, very similar cultures which encourages similar subjective interpretations.

The key concept is: the NPMR is experienced through your consciousness – your consciousness represents an awareness limited by what you come in with (physiology, personality, and consciousness quality) and the PMR experiences you have after you get here – all of which influences how you interpret those experiences through a complex iterative process of choices generated by feedback.

We live at the dawn of a potentially explosive evolutionary and cultural transition. The pace of change is dramatically accelerating. Ahead lays a unique and powerful potential for an incredibly accelerated progression, regression, or self-destruction. After 250 years of the Industrial Age comes the genetics engineering, cloning, psychotropic drug, computer networked communications, digital information age – all at once!

The point is: Once a complex system is capable of directly programming (intentionally changing) itself, the pace of evolution dramatically accelerates. The intellect, aided by the products of its increasing awareness (digital and other technology), replaces random mutation and natural selection as the primary driver; consequently, evolution accelerates from a very slow paced process to an ultra-fast one.

You are an individuated unit of the larger consciousness system in the processes of evolving the quality of your consciousness. It is your purpose to evolve toward love, to become a citizen of the larger reality, and to express that love and understanding in every choice you make.

Campbell’s Big TOE refers to nothing less than a Theory of Everything. In a bigger picture of our existence than is usually presented, My Big TOE weaves many theories together to create a model of reality through which you can begin your journey towards a higher quality of consciousness. Campbell’s books are derived from his own experiences with altered states of consciousness, his work and experiments with respected people in various fields, and the objective verification of the results. The author shows how previously, Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics clashed in their isolated quests for answers to the nature of reality, and that, by setting the camera of our conscious mind to a wide-angle lens, we can better understand reality in the larger sense.

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  1. Best explanation of this subject I have ever heard! I had been wondering about the validity of people’s experiences while in OBE. This makes it clear that we interpret an occurence according to our cultural background and reference points. Thanks!

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