Part 2: Creating a money mindset

Amanda Steadman

Amanda Steadman

Last month we looked at What does Wealth Mean and there were 2 key questions we asked:

* What does wealth mean to you? and
* How do you know when you’ve got there?

We trust you have answered these and started to research how to become more wealthy.

This month, now that you have defined wealth and what it means to you, we need to look at why you don’t already have the wealth and money that you want right now in your life.

Benjamin Franklin once said that you are always rich as long as you can put your imagination to good use and turn your ideas into reality. So how are you using your mind and resources to create your wealth now? Do you believe money is ‘hard to come by, doesn’t grow on trees, is only for ‘rich people’? Before we go any further we need to look at your existing ‘money patterns’ or beliefs around money before we go to the next step.

A friend of mine, Marie-Claire Carlyle, another contributor to this fabulous online magazine for women is a specialist in Feng Shui, releasing human potential and wealth attraction. In one of her chapters in her book ‘How to Become a Money Magnet’ she asks numerous questions about how you ‘feel’ about money. These questions are quite powerful. We have used a variation of exercises based on these questions for you to do this week. Yes, it does mean more tasks for you to get your mind re-focussed – but I promise it will be worth it if you follow through and repeat on a regular basis! Let’s get started.

Put yourself in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for a while. Take out your largest paper note of money from your wallet (the bigger the better – ideally a £50! – think wealthy)

Exercise A:
(i) Look at the money and ask yourself ‘What does Money mean to me?’
Have a pen and paper handy to note down your immediate responses that come into your mind. You may notice that quite a few of these came from your parents, grandmother, school etc. Look at your list. Which ones are empowering and which ones are not?

(ii)Type up the list of empowering ones and display in a prominent area or on your reminders in you PC or Phone.

Exercise B:
(i) Then ask ‘What is stopping me from having lots of you (the money)? Note down your responses again.

(ii) Go back and look at these. If there any ANY NEGATIVE ONES, cross these out with a large black marker/pen.

(iii)Then write the positive equivalent or opposite and type up the list. Again, display in a prominent area or on your reminders in you PC or Phone.

The more you focus on the positive statements the easier it is for you to let go of any disempowering ones that are blocking you from receiving more money and wealth. This is one of the greatest challenges for most of our clients.

Exercise C:
Lastly ‘What do I need to do from today to attract more of you than I need/lots more of you/£200,000 of you?’ (can use any of these 3 statements interchangeably. Whichever one resonates with you)

(i) Write down your responses.

(ii) Look at your responses. Do you see any patterns or beliefs that you may have inherited which may not work for you now? Look at your answers to B and C.

(iii) What 3 steps can you take and WRITE DOWN that you can action today? Get it into your schedule/diary.

After having worked with many millionaires and successful people – there are a few traits and habits that they have in common. This list builds on the one we introduced in our last article:

* A total belief in who they are and what they do
* They have a mentor/mastermind group
* They still have fears and doubts – BUT they use that to spur them on
* They do not let financial setbacks get them down – Donald Trump lost millions of dollars and went bankrupt. He dusted himself off, looked at what he could do and focussed completely on making the money back and more! And he did it!
* A ‘knowing’ that it will work out, the money/opportunity/people will arrive when they are supposed to.
* They invest any excess income into money generating ventures/assets such as property, art, businesses and the internet.
* They focus on what they are good at and DO WHAT THEY LOVE

For many of our clients; the last bullet point above is usually the BIGGEST stumbling block.
If you take ONE thing away from this weeks learning’s ensure that your mind believes 100% that YOU DESERVE WEALTH AND MONEY. This alone can be the difference between making it happen and not! We will be revisiting this list over the next few weeks as it’s important. These are just a few of the patterns I have identified myself whilst studying and am still implementing. Now it’s your turn!

You are now starting to change your mind towards a ‘wealthy mindset’. The more you do the exercises above, the more you will start to tune into that ‘wealth frequency’ and see more opportunities than you did before.

Next month, we will be getting down to some of your personal financials! This will be your starting point for your new financial future.

Until then, to your health, wealth and success


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