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Money Magnet

Following on from last months article where I talked about raising one million pounds for the Monastery in Manchester (, I am delighted to announce the launch of our brand new online game to raise a million pounds together. By aligning yourself to creating a million pounds you are likely to receive unexpected benefits in your own life. By connecting a million people to create a million pounds, we create a wave of new energy that will enhance anyone in its flow. You can find out more and get involved at

My good friend and Strategic Consultant Ekaterina appreciates logical argument. She wanted me to explain how this works in a step by step process. She wanted to work hard to create the money in her life. And so for Ekaterina s benefit and for those of you who would prefer a more logical approach to creating wealth in your life, here goes…

Let’s keep things simple. We shall use what I call the F.A.B. Process. It is three simple steps to creating wealth in your life and business. The first step is to FOCUS. When I run workshops on “Sales and Selling Yourself”, I am constantly amazed by how few people have a target in mind. You need to get a clear focus on exactly what you are looking to achieve. For example, Elaine at The Monastery has a clear goal of £1,000,000 by 14 January and I have a clear goal of one million book sales by 14 January 2010. Incidentally there is nothing significant about the 14 January except that it marks the end of a selected three month period. Once you have a clear goal and focus your mind can start to work on how you will achieve it.

Yesterday I was working with a client who wanted to achieve £300,000 by Christmas. I then asked her for two ways that she could achieve this. After a brief pause she got clear on two possible ways to create £300,000. One way was to ask for the money.

Sounds too simple? In my career in Sales Management, we would spend fortunes on training our salespeople but it was all wasted money if at the end of the appointment they were unwilling to ask for the order. If you are not used to asking for money and the whole idea feels far too scarey or rude or confronting, why not try it out for a friend or a charity to get some practice?

My friend Charlie has invested in a hugely ambitious building project in France. Unfortunately he has hit serious cashflow problems which could mean him losing everything unless he finds £300,000 in the next two weeks. The return on investment is very attractive for a potential investor and so it is a very attractive offer for anyone with £300,000 cash available. The only thing left to do is to ask. So I offered to make a few phonecalls and emails on Charlie s behalf. Inspired by my support, Charlie who had already raised £450,000 himself, started ringing round again and managed to raise half the money he needed in just two days – simply by asking the question!

Having a clear focus makes it easier for others to help us or to buy from us. I was working with another client yesterday who needed support with her business. When we looked at the conversations she was having with her team, they lacked clarity. We had to get back to the basics of what she wanted in terms of support. For example, she wants Management Accounts that itemise her separate activities in terms of expense, turnover and profit. She wants these delivered electronically on a monthly basis. That is clear. Asking for an accounts person to sort out her accounts is unclear. Similarly, asking an IT person to improve your SEO is difficult to measure and so is unclear. Letting them know that you wish to double the amount of bookings received as a direct result of someone finding your website is much clearer. They may say that they can’t guarantee such a result but at least they are clear on what will make you happy. And of course you then always have the choice to go to someone else who could deliver what you are asking for.

People love clarity. Excite your staff and people in your team by the goals you have for your business. Plan how you will celebrate achieving them. Advertise the financial target and the progress achieved to date. On our website at, we have a thermometer that shows where we are to date. Incidentally and coincidentally, before taking the website live, we are already up to £300,000, and that was found simply by one person asking the question of another. What is your end of year target? Where is it advertised? Who knows about it?

As a Sales Director in the software business, I would have a monthly sales chart with the target of £1,000,000 clearly written across the top. As each order came in we noted its value, the name of the customer, the initials of the salesperson and we kept a running account of the cumulative total. And at the end of the month we achieved our target of £1,000,000. We always achieved it because everyone was clear on what had to be done. Everyone had bought in to the possibility of attracting one million pounds worth of sales.

Now with all this talk of millions I am hoping that you are starting to think bigger about your own business. It doesn’t matter how large you dream, the mind will always have the capacity to find a way to achieve it. So if the process is the same for a target of £10, 000 as for a target of £1,000,000, why not choose the larger target?

I was recently advising someone who was looking to raise money to build schools in India. She wanted to raise £10,000 in three months. I invited her to raise her target to £1,000,000 just for the sheer fun of it! Then I asked her how she could go about raising £1million in a short space of time. Almost immediately she thought of someone in her family who heads up a major search engine and who would have the resources to fund raise on a massive scale across the web. All that was left for her to do was to pick up the phone and ask the person for their help.

Are your customers clear on how you serve them?
Are you clear on how much value you give?
Are you clear on WHY you do what you do?

I seem to be getting clearer every day.

Last week I had a meeting in London with a well known book publisher. Remember, my goal is to sell 1million books by Jan 14 2010. My PA had texted me instructions from the tube but as I was walking along I had the distinct feeling that I had gone the wrong way. A guy wearing a “hoodie” came along riding a bike. I asked him for directions and he told me that I was heading the wrong way and that I needed to turn around and go back the way I had come. In that moment I realized that I had to place my trust in a complete stranger if I had any chance of making the meeting on time, and so I did. And he in return chose to accompany me, walking alongside with his bicycle.

He asked me where I was from and what I did. I told him that I was from Chester and that I was the author of a book called “How to become a Money Magnet!”. I also told him how we are raising a £1 million for the Monastery. At this point he became excited and pointed to a church at the bottom of the street. “We call it the Monastery” he exclaimed, “Its where my Dad runs a boxing gym for the local youth community.” He went on, “Although I may look like a “hoodie” I’m actually a personal trainer and I’m just on my way there to train one of our guys. The thing is”, he said, “we need £750,000 by September 2010 to keep the gym open. Can you help us?”

In the moment that he asked me the question, I felt totally inspired to help. This man had a very clear focus and a very clear question. It was impossible for me to say anything other than “yes”. And I got clear on WHY I want to be a bestselling author and speaker. I want to be able to say “yes” to so many more people who are out there making a difference in our world. I want to take on fundraising on a huge scale. I want to create millions and to connect millions, so that together we can make the biggest transformation possible in our world.

I have a clear focus on who I am, what I am here to do, how I can contribute and the targets I want to achieve to make it happen. Now all I need to do is get out of bed in the morning and do what I am inspired and committed to do! Easy!

The first step of the process is to FOCUS. Get yourself a clear target. Get clear on why you do what you do and the rest will become so much easier. Making money isn’t meant to be hard work. It can be fun. Lighten up and enjoy the game! Set yourself a fun target and go play your game. Go help someone else. Try on asking for money, either for some one else, for a worthy cause or even for yourself. Get clear on your value, and ask for it.

Next month we will move on to the second step of ACTION. Set your clear targets and be ready to take action next month!
Thank you, Marie-Claire

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