How to become a money magnet

Money Magnet

How to become a money magnet

Making money isn’t meant to be hard work. If it is starting to feel like an uphill struggle, take some time out and ask yourself a few questions. Are you happy doing what you are doing? If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what would you choose to do instead? What could you give up that is no longer making you happy?

If you’re like me you were probably brought up with the belief system that if you work hard, you will earn money. In many ways, it is an easy belief to adopt and we are surrounded by evidence to support this belief. However, lets try on a different perspective for a moment ….think of your favourite activity…it might be painting , it might be skiing or it might be simply catching up with friends and family. Now imagine for a moment that you can earn money doing your favourite activity. The more that you do this activity, the more that you feel inspired and the more money you will attract!

For example, my friend Sally loves clothes and shopping for clothes. After years in uniform as a nurse, she delights in projecting a certain image through her choice of clothes. Three hours clothes shopping is heaven on earth for Sally! It really then makes sense for Sally to turn her passion into a business. Now, as a personal stylist she helps other women find the right clothes to project the right image for each occasion. Does she work hard? Yes Sally is very committed to her business. Does it feel like work? No, of course not! Sally is doing what she most loves to do. She is aligned to her hearts desire and she will attract money as a byproduct.

My favourite activity is talking and connecting with friends. I too am in heaven. I have created a business where I get paid to speak to lots of people, either through the written word or on stage. My coaching business gives me the privilege of connecting with people on a very deep and intimate level and I am constantly inspired by the personal breakthroughs that I witness on a regular business. My “work” is so uplifting that I struggle sometimes to think of it as work. And because I am fully aligned with my passion and with what I was born to do, I achieve amazing results that people are more than happy to pay me for. Attracting money becomes a by-product, a pleasant gift in return for me following my heart and enjoying life to the full.

In one of my recent “Clear Your Clutter” workshops, we were looking at what was superfluous in each person’s life. Where were they being held back by clutter? What was preventing them from living freely in their passion? We started with the obvious items of clutter …the over filled wardrobes, the piles of paperwork and the overwhelming “inbox”. Soon however we were able to go a little deeper and access much bigger blockages that were stemming the flow of money. One lady had accepted the post of Chair of a charity organization on top of her normal role of treasurer. It was a prestigious post and she was flattered by the title and the remuneration. However when we asked her some of the above questions, she could no longer hide from her truth…she didn’t want the role of Chairperson, no matter how impressive it was. In the moment we hear our truth, decisions are much easier to make and we can then move to a place that is more aligned with who we are and our natural attraction to wealth. This lady can now resign from the post and feel free to do what inspires and excites her.

One of the problems can be that we are too scared to let go. What will others think? What if I can’t find another job? What if I can’t pay the bills? We don’t trust ourselves. Another good friend of mine was desperate to find another sales job so she took the first one that she was offered. Her heart wasn’t in it. She was simply doing it for the money. That is not the way to become a Money Magnet. That is about chasing after money and making it all “hard work”! Within two months, the firm that had employed her decided to reduce the size of their salesforce and she was made redundant. It doesn’t work when we ignore our true feelings.

If you feel that you are in a financially secure position that pays the mortgage and that is just too scary to turn your back on at the moment, you’ll be pleased to know that I have a fantastic alternative suggestion. In order to practice getting into your heart space, the part of you that attracts abundance effortlessly, I suggest that you take on a project. The only condition is that this project truly inspires you, so much so that you feel a swell of emotion just at the thought of it. It may be to support your favourite charity or a friend. It may be lift to the spirits of your neighbourhood by organizing a street party and getting to know your neighbours. It may be to involve 100 children in painting a public masterpiece or performing a musical concert. Whatever inspires you.

Last week I was looking for a 3 month project that would truly inspire me. I had lots of ideas. However you will know when you have found the right project. There is a moment of sheer delight and excitement and a sense of something much bigger than yourself. The best projects are those that inspire you but you have little idea at first of how you will accomplish them! My moment came when I was asked to run a “Clear your Clutter” workshop for Forward Ladies at The Gorton Monastery last month. The monastery is THE most amazing building. You don’t have to be a Feng Shui expert to feel the energy from this building. It is a deep healing and transformative energy that really connects with your soul. I felt inspired just being inside this beautiful and majestic building. An amazing thing then happened whilst I was in this place of inspiration. I was introduced to the lovely Elaine Griffiths CEO of The Monastery, and the very brief initial conversation went like this … Elaine, ‘Marie-Claire, we need £1,000,000 within three months” MC, “I’m looking for a three month project, Ill take it on!”

Now at the time, I had no idea of exactly HOW I would go about raising one million pounds within three months! This was the first time Id ever been really involved with fundraising but I felt so inspired and uplifted by the idea, that I just KNOW it is possible and the Universe will align itself to my passion. A couple of things were in my favour…I had delivered one million a month easily and consistently before in my life and I understand how when we believe something is possible , it becomes possible . And it doesn’t need to be hard work!

The next morning I awoke with a vision of Robbie Williams singing acoustically to a private dinner of 500 guests inside The Monastery. With each paying £2000 for the privilege, that would easily net the £1,000,000 needed within three months. You see as soon as we commit to our desire, our minds then come up with the way to achieve it. The magic of this story continued as an easy route to contacting Robbie appeared by chance and then more ideas and support started to flood in. A business contact was excited by an even more extravagant idea to host a Dragons Den panel with the Dragons themselves doing the pitching. Another colleague shared with me her project of staging a big Fashion Show in support of the charity for Endometriosis sufferers and she was inspired to bring everyone up from London and to host it at The Monastery with us splitting the proceeds! We needed a Finance person to oversee these huge sums of money and another friend of mine “popped up”, inspired to commit herself to the 3 month project. The coincidences and miracles keep happening!

Now you may be wondering how all this tranforms you into a Money Magnet. Well, once you are in the flow of attraction, and you are following your hearts desire, you will attract money and opportunities to you in a seemingly indirect way. So, whilst I am lit up with excitement for this project I am in an energetic space of “giving” and “inspiring”. In that vibration, I will attract people who want to give to me and be inspired by me ie clients! The telephone starts to ring. My diary fills up. I receive the best speaking gig of my career to date and a possible deal with a publisher! This is the magic of becoming a Money Magnet! This is how it doesn’t have to be about hard work and a life of forsaking what you really want to be doing!!

So go find yourself something that really inspires you. Look at several ideas and set a deadline date by which you will have decided on your definite project. Feel free to share your idea with me ( If you know what is holding you back and getting in the way, then resolve to clear it up this week. You may be in the wrong job, wrong place or even in the wrong relationship. Be gentle with yourself and let go so that you can start living a life full of inspiration, love …oh, and lots of money!!:)

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