Cycle China

Diane Kolomeicuc

Diane Kolomeicuc

Diane. In her own words.
My name is Diane Kolomeicuc. I am currently 29 years old, single with no children. I work in a senior management role for Baclays Bank, within Premier. I look after some of the top 2% of Barclay’s clients.

I have always loved the programme, The Secret Millionaire. Not because of the millionaires or the amounts they give away, but the people that the show highlights, the people who are so selfless that they help others, no matter what. One lady, despite being so ill that she had to inject morphine daily, still visited her local hospital; she cleaned beds, made cups of tea and took them round the wards and sat and chatted with people. She amazed me. I thought to myself, what an incredible person to do that and doesn’t it put people like me to shame who do nothing. I should do something.
I have thought about this in the past and somehow just never got round to it, plus I didn’t want to commit to something where I go every Saturday because life happens and things change and I didn’t think it was realistic to do that.

Unbeknown to me, a lady overheard me telling that story in my branch one day. She made an appointment to see me. She told me that she had heard what I had said and thought I was the kind of person that enjoyed a challenge and hard work other wise I wouldn’t have got to where I am in my career and my life so far. I agreed with her and then she got out some information on Cycle China. She told me that she had done Cycle India and that she loved it. She enjoyed seeing the country, meeting all the women involved, doing the fundraising and helping such a great charity. I was completely mesmerized by her. As she spoke I was ticking off in my head what motivates me and Cycle China ticked a lot of those boxes. I love a challenge. I would have to work hard to get in shape, (I am completely not into exercise), I would have to raise the money to go and love organising things, I would like to help such a fantastic charity and lastly I would get to see an amazing country in China and a lot of it a lot of westerners don’t get to see. As I was ticking these off in my head, she dealt me the final blow to convince me, she was 60 when she went across India. How could I say no when I will be 30 when it is time to cycle across China.
Within days, I had signed up to the cause and started thinking of ways to raise the money for the trip. I came up with a ball as I thought it would be fun and hopefully we will be able to raise in the region of £10,000+ for this fantastic charity. Since joining up to the charity I had my own cancer scare as well and it really brought it home how much this charity and every woman and baby in the country needs help, and if I can give a little something that will stop any one of us getting cancer, or having fertility problems then the pain and training and the hard work will all be worth it.

What is Women for Women. In their own words
Women for Women raises funds, awareness and provides training for research into the causes and treatments of conditions that affect women and their babies including; cancer, miscarriage, genetic diseases, stillbirth, polycystic ovary syndrome, pre-eclampsia, infertility, obstetric cholestasis and brain injury
With nearly 250 babies dying every week in the UK from complications during pregnancy, our work has never been so essential for women and babies nationwide. Birth should be the most natural, joyous and fulfilling moment of a women’s life. Yet countless families live in the shadow of blighted pregnancy, coming to terms with the loss of a baby, or learning to cope with a child who is seriously ill or with disabilities. All too often, their misery is further compounded by science offering no answer or explanation for their plight.

With continued support we can find solutions to alleviate and prevent families from suffering unnecessarily, allowing women to look forward to having healthy, happy children. Our fundamental aim is to ensure that women have ongoing good health throughout their lives and to ensure that more women have a healthy pregnancy and thriving baby.
Cycle China
Cycle China is a five-day 450kms ride through the beautiful countryside of the Beijing region, alongside rivers and through steep gorges, past tiny villages, ancient tombs and historical landmarks. Riders will experience a China few westerners get to sample and have the opportunity to visit and cycle alongside the Great Wall – a huge symbol of China’s ancient greatness. This, the 10th Women for Women ride will be challenging and will earn every penny of the sponsorship raised. It is guaranteed to be full of fun and friendship. To date more than a thousand women have taken part in these women-only cycle challenges around the world, raising over £2million to save lives and improve the health of women and babies.
Over the coming year will be following Diane as she prepares for this wonderful and challenging adventure. Each month we will bring you an update on her readiness for the cycle, fundraising events Diane has planned and how close she is reaching her fundraising target.

As a first step Diane has organised a

Charity Ball at Derby County Football Club
Tickets are £35 per head and includes:
Champagne reception
3 course silver service dinner
Live Elvis impersonator and disco
Raffle and auction with TV auctioneer Adam partridge.

The ball is on Saturday 7th November and tickets can be booked by contacting Diane on 07990 652097 or e-mail
Diane begins the cycle trip on 10th September 2010. Be sure to check her progress here at each month. We will bring you plenty of opportunities to support Diane and to get involved as the year develops and you can donate straight away by visiting her just giving page.

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