Is it easy to attract more money into your life?

Marie-Claire Carlyle

Marie-Claire Carlyle

Is it easy to attract more money into your life? Is there simple formula? And if there is a formula, why didn’t we learn it at school or from our parents? Unfortunately we did learn about money from an early age and often the lesson wasn’t a good one!Can you remember your earliest memory about money? Did your parents always have enough money to treat you? When did they not have enough? How did they feel about wealthy people? What was their instruction to you on how to be successful and good with money?

My parents always had enough, just enough. They taught me to work hard in order to earn money. And they taught me to look down on the so-called “nouveau riche” who had made huge amounts of money from their own initiative. These lessons would stay with me and create a framework for my life and the amount of money I attracted. I worked hard and I became financially successful. However, when the money I made reached an amount approaching on “vulgar”, I had to dispose of it as quickly as possible. With my flash penthouse and sports car I was in real danger of becoming classed as the dreaded “nouveau riche”. Much better to have class, even without a penny in my pocket than to become the one thing that my parents despised the most! Of course all this is only a story. It is a story that played out in my subconscious, no doubt triggered by a comment made over 40 years ago by one of my parents. But the resultant reality that I created was real enough.
Let’s start at the beginning and then go on to look at how what story is running your finances and how you can change it. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. This is the basic principle underlying any theory on attraction. The Law of Attraction states simply that “Like attracts like”. Going back to real basics, do you remember looking into the microscope in the school chemistry lab? Something that had previously appeared solid suddenly now seemed to be made up of lots of moving cells. Well, in a similar way, we now know that everything is made up out of energy, even the most solid of objects. So the chair you are sitting on is made out of energy, as is the computer screen. Every strand of your hair is made of energy as is every thought processed within your mind. The only real difference is the level of vibration. A thought energy form will vibrate at a higher resonance than say a solid table.

Now this is a huge subject in itself. David Hawkins is a scientist who has researched it at great depth and his work is definitely worth exploring. For example, he has calculated differing levels of vibration and found, amongst many other discoveries, that the thoughts of an alcoholic vibrate considerably lower than the vibrationary level of thought present in an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. Invariably on joining AA, the thoughts of the alcoholic will therefore shift to align with the higher vibration of the group and in doing so, it will be far easier for the alcoholic to resist alcohol than it would have been alone. If you are not sure about this, try asking a group of people to clap spontaneously in their own time. You will find that the group automatically tune into each other and reach an unspoken consensus on the exact moment to start clapping.
So what has this got to do with money and the amount of money you are attracting into your life? Well, the thoughts that create your reality come from an alignment to the thoughts of your educators, commonly your parents/guardians and your school teachers. Take a moment to consider how your parents felt towards money, or the lack of it. Can you recall any early experiences around money? Have you ever been told “We just can’t afford it?” What is your “story” around money? Are you starting to see how this story may have been running your life?

One of my clients, lets call her Jill, came to me because she needed more money in her life. A few years ago she had suffered bankruptcy. This was followed by a period of illness and a general lack of confidence but she was now keen to get back on her feet financially. We explored her financial past and found a catalogue of financial disasters. Time after time she had become a victim of other people not paying her what she was due. Firms had gone out of business and disappeared before paying her on more than one occasion. Now when something happens often enough , we call it a pattern. The only common denominator in this pattern was Jill. Therefore the route for Jill to become financially successful wasn’t through sheer hard work, or even creative inspiration. We needed to clear the pattern and change the thoughts that were attracting this bad luck.
Going back to look at Jill’s earliest memories, she recalled a time when as a young girl of six she was having fun running around playing football with her brother. Unfortunately they were playing near a busy road and so her father came out of the house, and shouted aggressively at them, no doubt for fear that they might venture into the road and come to harm. However in that moment, Jill interpreted her fathers shouting in a different way. She made it mean that she was wrong. Although intuitively she felt that she was doing no wrong, somebody else with the utmost authority had told her that she was wrong. And in that moment Jill decided at five years old, that no one was ever going to find her wrong again. She learnt to ignore her own intuition. When Id asked Jill , “didn’t she ever have an inkling that the firm was about to go bust?” she agreed that she had experienced an accurate gut feeling about the situation on more than one occasion. Unfortunately for Jill, she had learnt at the age of 5 to ignore her own instincts in order to stay safe. She had learnt to trust others more than she trusted herself . Her pattern had become that of a victim. So Jill would offer to do work, often without agreeing the going rate beforehand. She trusted the other person even when her instinct told her otherwise. Understanding now how the thoughts of a five year old had created the framework story for her life, Jill could now see how ridiculous a story it was. In sharing the story wither husband, she was finally ready to let it go and to stop being the victim. Now and only now, is she ready to create a new belief system that will support her financial vision for the future. Now she is ready to take full responsibility for her own financial success and to ask for what she is worth.

If you are looking to attract more money into your life , I suggest you take some time out to examine your beliefs around money. Ideally I recommend that you employ a coach , friend or mentor to assist you. It is not always easy to identify your story, when you are living in the story.
Finally , if you wish to increase the amount of money you are attracting , it makes sense to mix with other money magnets. Just as the alcoholic finds it easier to change their behaviour when in the higher vibration of AA, so a person who has suffered bankruptcy would benefit from networking with a group of successful self made millionaires. There is a well known saying that energetically, “You are the sum total of the five people that you spend most of your time with” . Ponder that for a moment…!

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