Creating Space for Miracles

Marie-Claire Carlyle

Marie-Claire Carlyle - The Miracle Coach

Maire-Claire is a passionate transformational coach and inspirational speaker. She has spent most of her working life coaching others to achieve their dreams.

Each month she will bring you tips and tactics on how to live your passion, enjoy loving relationships, feel fulfilled, happy and healthy and to enjoy the life of your dreams.

Welcome to the! and to my regular column on “Creating Space for Miracles”. I am so excited about this site and the team that is gathering to share their wisdom with you. Ideas are born from inspiration and it was one person’s inspiration that created this site. It is us the readers and contributors who will inspire each other through its pages , and in doing so we will make a difference to the world as we know it.

What is your vision for the world you live in?
What inspires you to go that extra mile?
If you are struggling to find your inspiration, it is time to slow down a little. So many of us are rushing around trying to get everything done and yet feeling as though we haven’t moved forward one step from where we were a month or even a year ago. If this sounds like you, STOP!….and congratulate yourself for taking a moment to actually sit down to read this column. I know for some of you, it may be the only time today that you actually press the “PAUSE” button in your life.

“There are never enough hours in the day!” How often have I heard others say that expression? How often has it escaped from my lips and I catch a glimpse of the feeling of stress underlying the words? It is time to RELAX , just long enough to get in touch with your inspiration.
I am not talking about meditation. I am talking about living life in the present.
My sister Louie is one of my role models She lives her life to the full by staying as much as possible in the moment. Louie is a founding partner of the company “Train that Dog!” ( and lives her passion of training dogs in the countryside of West Sussex. On top of her own business, she has just launched another brand new business “The Dog Bed Company” (

Louie is an active member of her community. At home she tends to her chickens, her six dogs and is an active gardener growing her vegetables from seed. She also takes time to spend weekends and lazy mornings with her long term partner Bruce. How does she do all this without endless “to do” lists? How does she accomplish so much without becoming stressed or feeling that everything is out of control? Easy! She simply trusts herself enough to know what needs to be done in each moment. She will feed the dogs whilst the kettle is boiling. She will sprinkle seeds whilst drinking her morning coffee. She answers the phone when she is free to do so and can give her full attention to the caller. She is clear on what is important to her and she trusts herself enough to know what is most important in each moment of the day. Most of us lesser mortals need a little practice but the principle remains valid: “Live in the present and trust that you always make the best choice with your time.”
Throw out your “to do” lists! Just for a day, trust your intuition. If thoughts come into your head, you may wish to capture them on paper but don’t make it into a “to do” list that will weigh heavily on you throughout the day. Instead ask yourself the question “What is most important to me right NOW!?” You may be surprised by the answer but trust it anyway.

Have you seen the film “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner?
In the story Kevin is a man who lives with his wife and young daughter in Iowa. They have a farm with a cornfield. They live a simple life. Kevin’s inspiration comes in the sound of a voice that he can not ignore. He follows the voice s instructions even though it goes against his common sense. In fact he risks losing everything he owns (Well, it is a Hollywood block buster!) and in return, he receives his hearts biggest desire: a dream that was considered impossible. In following his inspiration he creates the space for miracles.

So often in life we can’t see the bigger picture and we have to trust. In my book “How to become a Money Magnet” I tell the story of Sally who came to me complaining that her business was suffering from the effects of the recession. Sally ran an events company for women but her heart was no longer in it. When she stopped long enough to hear what the voice inside her really wanted to do, she was able to change direction. Sally’s real passion and talents are in helping women to make the best of themselves through their choice of wardrobe. Once she followed this inspiration her business Diva Dressing ( went from strength to strength and she no longer needed to worry about where her clients were coming from. Like the baseball players in “Field of Dreams” they just show up!
Would you like to easily attract more clients?
Would you like to become a Money Magnet?
Create some space for yourself. Take a day off. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Follow your intuition. Stay in the present moment and act on the thought that comes to you. Make that phone call. Don’t delay it.

Now if you really are at a crossroads in your life and you have NO IDEA what you want to do, I do have an exercise that I use with most of my private coaching clients and which will help to move you forward. Andy was one client who came to me, desperate to get on with his life but clueless about what he wanted to do
“If only I knew what I wanted to do, Id be brilliant at it and earn loadsa money!” said Andy. As promised I helped Andy to get clear and he is now firmly established as The Debt Coach.( Maximising on his wealth of experience and his desire to help others, Andy attracted ten clients in his first seven days and within three months he was employing staff.

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